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Accurate data and reliable insights on hospitals, healthcare and medical technologies in Asia and other emerging markets.

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We’ve been researching and advising on emerging markets since 1992. Our databases and reports help you identify opportunities and reduce risk in China, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and other growth markets.

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Demographics & Epidemiology

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Statistics on corporate demographics, hospitals, patients and diseases.

Market Tracking

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Market size, segments, brand share and price data, and forecasts.

Market Profiles

The analysis

Statistics, analysis and outlook on demand, market access and industry players.

Buyer Insight

The opinion

Insights into specifiers', influencers' and decision-makers' perspectives.

Our latest insights on healthcare growth markets

China's Aier Eye Hospital sets its sights on Spain's Clinica Baviera


14-Apr-17 China's Aier Eye Hospital plans to purchase the largest listed eye-clinic group in Europe, making it the world's largest ophthalmic medical group. It announced an offer to buy Spain's Clinica Baviera SA, specializing in laser eye surgery, with its 280 ophthalmologists and 76 eye clinics in Spain, Germany and Italy. The acquisition will cost Aier EUR152 mn (USD162 mn). [image: Ge Yinian / China Daily]

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Dubai’s hospitals seek to stem haemorrhage of medical tourists


19-Apr-17 Hospitals in Dubai are linking up with medical tourism facilitators as the strong dirham deters overseas patients. The number of British medical tourists fell by about 10 per cent at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital as the pound lost more than 16 per cent against the dirham, making cosmetic medical procedures more expensive in the UAE. [image: AACSH]

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