Global Growth Markets is a strategic research and advisory firm helping companies grow profitably in international markets.

We believe the only way to research a market properly is on the ground. Intelligence from our in-country consultants around the world gives you a competitive advantage in China, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and other opportunity areas. 

GGM was established in 2013, building upon our Directors' track record in the research-based consulting industry since 1992. We provide custom B-to-B market research and advisory services, multi-client market intelligence, investor intelligence and industry news services for clients primarily in:

Our clients benefit from accurate data, reliable insights and strategic advice, giving them the confidence to make better business decisions and ultimately succeed in their global growth markets.

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Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion and B2B market research proposal, using the online form. Or send an email to info@ggmkts.com.