30-Dec-17, ET Healthworld 

The demand for quality eye care in India is soaring. Globally, it is estimated that the number of patients with diabetes and diabetic related eye disease will total 420 million, glaucoma 80 million and AMD 196 million, by 2020. At least 50% of such patients in India may not even know that they have these potentially blinding conditions.

AI decision support for ophthalmic care the competitive advantage in India (c) Factor Daily

Image: Factor Daily

Could Artificial Intelligence Clinical decision support be the elixir for ophthalmic care in India? Hype needs to give way to the firm evidence of efficacy and demonstrable effects on clinical workflow. AI, rather than replacing valuable specialists, is empowering them with the confidence to get clinical decisions right.

In the context of ophthalmic care, healthcare providers will see most value of AI systems in areas such as imaging. Image analytics systems for the detection of early stages of blinding eye conditions can help drive targeted referrals to specialists that then yield higher reimbursements.

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