Thailand's 'war on sugar' aims to slim people and fatten coffers

 11-Dec-17, Nikkei Asian Review

Faced with rising obesity rates, as well as health care costs that are ballooning nearly as fast as people's waistlines, the Thai government has introduced an excise tax aimed at nudging beverage makers into making less sugary drinks.

Thailands war on sugar aims to slim people and fatten coffers (c) Nikkei Asian Review

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Pricier soda and sweet tea is causing grumbles, and it is not just soda fans who are complaining. The excise tax affects around USD9 mn worth of US exports, raising their tax burden by 20-30% for some beverages. 

The government began raising taxes on soft drinks with high sugar content in Sep-17 and the levy is to rise in stages over the next six years. Taxes on sugar-sweetened soft drinks were changed from a 20% tax on the wholesale price to a 14% tax on the retail price, plus a sugar tax based on content.

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